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Final Album Cover

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I don't finish school next thursday till 3.45 so if we could go after that then I can come. And yeah, I'm up for that. Also very excited :)
Charlotte x
Next thurs after lunch works for me!


Holborn Studios

" Amelia,
Thanks for the call earlier and I'm glad that I can help out. Which date is best for you? We have so many studios here that we can fit you in on any date.

Billy McCartney
Studio Manager "

This is the email i just recieved from him, and so... YAYYY WE HAVE A LOCATION
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH -as you can tell I'm very excited..

Anyway so we need to sort out a time when we can go and look around for a test shoot/ picture taking/oppurtunity to put on make-up.

So yeah-fabby!

*Group: Can we go next thurs afternoon to check it out....


We have found a (pretty much definate) location called 'Holborn Studios' in London, that have a vast number of studios we could use, each of a different variety and great facilities. We would probably only use one of them but nevertheless


Shooting days - availability, Response from the Phoenix

28, 29, 30 OCT are our provisional shooting days, so we are currently hunting for locations.

I emailed The Phoenix, and this is a copy of our emails.

" Hi,

My name is Laura and I go to The Latymer School. I recently visited The Phoenix while studying the film industry, and now am in the process of making a music video as part of my A2 Media coursework. In part of our video we want to dress up as puppets on a stage with red velvet curtains, and thought that The Phoenix would be the perfect location. I'm not sure what your policy is on hiring out the cinema, but if you could let me know asap that'd be great. As we're students, I'm afraid we don't really have a budget, so I completely understand if you can't accomodate us, but if you could, that'd be amazing.

Thanks for your time,

Laura "

" Hi Laura,

Thanks for your interest in the Phoenix. While our seats are red velvet, the curtains are actually yellow. I’m not sure if that matters but more importantly there’s not an actual stage. Because it’s never been a theatre the curtains just open in front of the screen so there would be nowhere for you to stand. And that’s before I get to the issue of hire fees. We normally charge £100 per hour for filming and while I’m willing to do a reduced rate for students, I can’t do it for free because I’ll have to pay staff to be onhand. So…it doesn’t seem like it’s the best fit for what you have in mind, but if you want to discuss further let me know.

Best wishes,

Cassie "

So I guess that's out... we'll keep looking.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Website Analysis - Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys

Lily Allen
Her website was very plain using primary pastel colours for borders and lots of text, with very uninteresting fonts. It has lots of references to her as a person rather than her as an artist; her blog and her views on the world and the industry, her twitter which is often mentions in celeb news, pictures of her at celeb parties, launch parties, charity events etc. In the press she is known for mouthing off and its easy to see why she's always in the press. Her MySpace however is more focussed on her music rather than just her.

Arctic Monkeys
Lots of styling on the websites. Black and white style, using interesting fonts and silhouettes, which makes them seem mysterious and more classy-more exclusive. There myspace and website are very similar in content as they both have music previews, videos, gigs; time and place. As a group we thought that there font didnt neccesarily go with their style, however clearly they're trying to seem more alternative and quirky. We plan to use this element.

EPIC JOURNEYS - branding and styling

Epic Journeys Branding and Styling

This is a moodboard of some styling ideas.

The Band

Female indie lead singer with male electro band. They write their own songs about happy things, with a dancey beat. The target audience is teenagers -> young adults, both genders, mix of genre fans, technology generation.

General Marketing Plan

  • official website - black and white (Arctic Monkey website influence) but with the band in bold glamrock outfits to contrast the black and white.
  • myspace music site
  • facebook
  • bebo
  • fashion sites - topshop, style blogs, american apparel - fashion influences from past and other indie bands (variety)
  • sponsered by Extra chewing gum (also sponsers Hollyoaks - simliar audience) as well as Nokia music phone promotion.
  • free gigs in shops - Oxford St HMV, Topshop, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Fopp
  • release single at start of summer (before people spend all their money)
  • release on internet on iTunes and official website for download/order on CD
  • synergy with V05 for hair styling
  • strong sense of Britishness - link to "Fish Tank"
  • DJ sets like Crystal Castles & Mystery Jets - tapping into completely different audience
  • Create strong personalities for the lead girl (like Lily Allen) - she is rebellious and outspoken - links to her personal blog, Twitter, photos of her nights out
Release Dates
The first single, 'The Ghoul, The Bat and the Zombie', will be released at the end of October.
The Album, 'Used Goods', will be released around December so that it is available for Christmas.


We talked about using the Phoenix cinema as one of our locations for being the stage when we are puppets, so I emailed them asking if we could use the space.. Will let you know when/if they reply...

(photo wouldn't upload...)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Elvis Costello - Pump it Up

Voodoo Child sampled Elvis Costello's riff in this song. I think we should use this for inspiration as we could perhaps (just an idea) have one shot in our video similar to that of 0.28 in this video to pay homage to his input in the song. One of us could dress like him and perfect his moves during the part in Voodoo Child that is instrumental

Similarly, as Holly suggested, we could use Jimi Hendrix's song and video for Voodoo Child as inspiration. Although an unrelated song to the one we're doing we could draw it in in some way, using the psychedelic feel of the video and perhaps a reference to the guitar

....just a thought..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pitch - feedback

We got really positive responses from everyone, and Miss Blackborow said it was "excellent!" which made us happy!

The only things she said were what to do next;
  • listen to "pump it up" and other songs by Elvis Costello as it has a major influence on our song
  • make a shot list while looking at the lyrics
  • look for locations
Not even constructive criticism! One advantage we have is that we could film almost anywhere as the background isn't really important. The focus is on us, our makeup and costumes, and tight framing will make it easier to shoot anywhere.

So at the moment we are in the process of contacting some places which have white backgrounds, and potentially The Phoenix Cinema as one location.

Make-up and Style ideas

Now that we've chosen our song, I started to think about make-up and styling ideas (as this is my area of expertise...)

Our look is quite over the top and mad and so our styling should reflect this...

Costume and Style ideas...

Here are what I'm thinking for some 80's/60's/disco looks and costumes in the video:

Pitch - Treatment

Here's our initial treatment that we presented at our pitch on Wednesday

Initial Voodoo Child Treatment


Our target audience is fairly wide since we combine genre fans of electro-pop with Rogue Traders fans, with Neighbours watchers (the lead singer used to be in Neighbours), fans of Elvis Costello's "Pump It Up" as it samples the same riff (predominantly older people), teens/young adults who enjoy dancing and clubbing. So basically, we have a really wide reach which is great as our video should appeal to both genders and many people.

Pitch - Presentation

Here is our Voodoo Child Presentation for our pitch on Wednesday-it's just simple with lots of pictures to explain the kind of lots we are going for.

Voodoo Child Presentation

Monday, September 21, 2009


official video ->

We have chosen "Voodoo Child" by Rogue Traders as our final song.

Baby, baby, baby!
You are my Voodoo Child - my Voodoo Child.

You're like Voodoo baby,
You just take hold.
Put your cards on the table baby,
Do I twist do I fold?

You're like Voodoo honey,
All silver and gold.
Why don't you tell me my future?
Why don't I sell you my soul?

So here it comes - the sound of drums.
Here come the drums, here come the drums

Baby, baby, baby!
You are my Voodoo Child - my Voodoo Child.
Don't say maybe, maybe
It's Supernatural - I'm coming undone.

Baby, baby, baby!
You are my Voodoo Child - my Voodoo Child.
Don't say maybe, maybe
It's Supernatural - I'm coming undone.

You're like Voodoo baby,
Your kisses are cold!
Feel your poison running through me?
Let me never grow old.

You're like Voodoo honey,
My pictures you stole,
You play me like a puppet.
Sticking pins in a doll!

So here it comes - the sound of drums.
Here come the drums, here come the drums

Baby, baby, baby!
You are my Voodoo Child - my Voodoo Child.
Don't say maybe, maybe,
It's Supernatural - I'm coming undone.

Baby, baby, baby!
You are my Voodoo Child - my Voodoo Child.
Don't say maybe, maybe,
It's Supernatural - I'm coming undone.

(Its Supernatural I'm coming undone.) come the drums, here come the drums.

Baby, baby, baby!
You are my Voodoo Child - my Voodoo Child
Don't say maybe, maybe,
It's Supernatural - Just take hold

Baby, baby, baby!
You are my Voodoo Child - my Voodoo Child
Don't say maybe, maybe
Do I twist do I fold?

Here is our initial brainstorm of ideas surrounding this song:

Another quick idea was to have tarot cards with a picture that leads into the next bit of the video - ie the camera zooms into the picture which is now the video. They could break up the video and be used as a continuous theme.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 Final Ideas.....

Ok, So we've narrowed down our ideas to 3 songs which we all agree on and think they could work.

Idea 1
Heartbeat - Nneka (chase & status remix)

Our ideas for this song would be in a club scene mixed with a narrative to do with the song..
  • strobes
  • club
  • nighttime
  • on the street
  • singer lipsyching

Good point: The chorus is strong and once the second verse starts it has a good beat which would provide good editing opportunities.

Bad Point: Dark, too repetitive

Idea 2

Alive - Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Our idea for this would be mainly performance based with a narrative.
  • girl group
  • friends consolling friend
  • photos of ex's
  • box of memories

Good Point: Catchy song, feel of song would match our image, rubbish video existing

Bad Point: Mega cheese, bit too 'Girls Aloud-esque'

Idea 3

Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders

Our idea for this video is an edgy montagey type thing with some performance and concept

  • marching band
  • voodoo doll
  • crazy hair
  • crazy make-up
  • crazy costumes

Good Points: good editing opportunities, funky beat

Bad Points: quite well known and video is VERY good with good SFX

We'll get back to you when we know exactly what we are doing.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Group Meeting

First of all...HI!!! welcome to the group blog..

We had our first unofficial group meeting today to share our thoughts and ideas. It seemed we were all on similar paths which was good as that leaves room for minimal disagreement. None of us wanted to do anything slow and we decided we should be in it.

We need to arrange a formal group meeting some time this week..