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Final Album Cover

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 Final Ideas.....

Ok, So we've narrowed down our ideas to 3 songs which we all agree on and think they could work.

Idea 1
Heartbeat - Nneka (chase & status remix)

Our ideas for this song would be in a club scene mixed with a narrative to do with the song..
  • strobes
  • club
  • nighttime
  • on the street
  • singer lipsyching

Good point: The chorus is strong and once the second verse starts it has a good beat which would provide good editing opportunities.

Bad Point: Dark, too repetitive

Idea 2

Alive - Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Our idea for this would be mainly performance based with a narrative.
  • girl group
  • friends consolling friend
  • photos of ex's
  • box of memories

Good Point: Catchy song, feel of song would match our image, rubbish video existing

Bad Point: Mega cheese, bit too 'Girls Aloud-esque'

Idea 3

Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders

Our idea for this video is an edgy montagey type thing with some performance and concept

  • marching band
  • voodoo doll
  • crazy hair
  • crazy make-up
  • crazy costumes

Good Points: good editing opportunities, funky beat

Bad Points: quite well known and video is VERY good with good SFX

We'll get back to you when we know exactly what we are doing.

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