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Final Album Cover

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Monday, September 28, 2009

EPIC JOURNEYS - branding and styling

Epic Journeys Branding and Styling

This is a moodboard of some styling ideas.

The Band

Female indie lead singer with male electro band. They write their own songs about happy things, with a dancey beat. The target audience is teenagers -> young adults, both genders, mix of genre fans, technology generation.

General Marketing Plan

  • official website - black and white (Arctic Monkey website influence) but with the band in bold glamrock outfits to contrast the black and white.
  • myspace music site
  • facebook
  • bebo
  • fashion sites - topshop, style blogs, american apparel - fashion influences from past and other indie bands (variety)
  • sponsered by Extra chewing gum (also sponsers Hollyoaks - simliar audience) as well as Nokia music phone promotion.
  • free gigs in shops - Oxford St HMV, Topshop, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Fopp
  • release single at start of summer (before people spend all their money)
  • release on internet on iTunes and official website for download/order on CD
  • synergy with V05 for hair styling
  • strong sense of Britishness - link to "Fish Tank"
  • DJ sets like Crystal Castles & Mystery Jets - tapping into completely different audience
  • Create strong personalities for the lead girl (like Lily Allen) - she is rebellious and outspoken - links to her personal blog, Twitter, photos of her nights out
Release Dates
The first single, 'The Ghoul, The Bat and the Zombie', will be released at the end of October.
The Album, 'Used Goods', will be released around December so that it is available for Christmas.

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