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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shooting days - availability, Response from the Phoenix

28, 29, 30 OCT are our provisional shooting days, so we are currently hunting for locations.

I emailed The Phoenix, and this is a copy of our emails.

" Hi,

My name is Laura and I go to The Latymer School. I recently visited The Phoenix while studying the film industry, and now am in the process of making a music video as part of my A2 Media coursework. In part of our video we want to dress up as puppets on a stage with red velvet curtains, and thought that The Phoenix would be the perfect location. I'm not sure what your policy is on hiring out the cinema, but if you could let me know asap that'd be great. As we're students, I'm afraid we don't really have a budget, so I completely understand if you can't accomodate us, but if you could, that'd be amazing.

Thanks for your time,

Laura "

" Hi Laura,

Thanks for your interest in the Phoenix. While our seats are red velvet, the curtains are actually yellow. I’m not sure if that matters but more importantly there’s not an actual stage. Because it’s never been a theatre the curtains just open in front of the screen so there would be nowhere for you to stand. And that’s before I get to the issue of hire fees. We normally charge £100 per hour for filming and while I’m willing to do a reduced rate for students, I can’t do it for free because I’ll have to pay staff to be onhand. So…it doesn’t seem like it’s the best fit for what you have in mind, but if you want to discuss further let me know.

Best wishes,

Cassie "

So I guess that's out... we'll keep looking.

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