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Monday, September 28, 2009

Website Analysis - Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys

Lily Allen
Her website was very plain using primary pastel colours for borders and lots of text, with very uninteresting fonts. It has lots of references to her as a person rather than her as an artist; her blog and her views on the world and the industry, her twitter which is often mentions in celeb news, pictures of her at celeb parties, launch parties, charity events etc. In the press she is known for mouthing off and its easy to see why she's always in the press. Her MySpace however is more focussed on her music rather than just her.

Arctic Monkeys
Lots of styling on the websites. Black and white style, using interesting fonts and silhouettes, which makes them seem mysterious and more classy-more exclusive. There myspace and website are very similar in content as they both have music previews, videos, gigs; time and place. As a group we thought that there font didnt neccesarily go with their style, however clearly they're trying to seem more alternative and quirky. We plan to use this element.

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