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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Accessory ideas

For one of my looks, Envy, I am going to be wearing a green dress (photos on blog) which is great, however in comparison to the other "looks" - corsets, leotards etc. - it looks a bit plain. So in order to jazz it up a bit, I thought I'd wear green contact lenses to make my eyes look really surreal.

I found these, which are striking and cheap! - £8.50 from this website.


Coral Green:
Forest Green:
Sea Green:

I personally think the "Forest Green" are the best because they are the brightest, and will get noticed. Plus, they match the colour of the dress.

We also talked about using false eye-lashes to make even more impact around the eyes. Appparently Suzi, our helper, has 5 pairs of them, so that is great, but I also researched to find some just in case.

This is from here - £3.50 + £1 postage. Not bad!
Or here - £2.40 + £1 postage, even cheaper!

There are loads, so it depends what we're looking for in terms of size, colour, style etc. So we'll have a look at what Suzi's got, and make a decision.

For the eye make-up, I was thinking along the lines of this:
Something really bold that commands the audience to look at my eyes. I think all our make-up should be very over the top in a "top model" kind of way.

In terms of hair style, there are two options.

1) curly hair - resembling that of Meduca (except without the snakes). This would have lots of volume and be a bit out of control (reflecting the crazy envy).

2) dead straight - this could work well since it is very striking, and as it is quite simple, it would make the make-up stand out more, which may be better.

Practically, straight hair is probably a lot easier to style, despite my natural hair being wavy/curly, because to get the curls just right would take a lot of tong-ing and hair spray, whereas you can't go too wrong with a pair of straighteners... I'll try both in the next few weeks and see which one works better.

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