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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Costume Inspiration...

I've gathered inspiration for our costume ideas for the deadly sin idea. These aren't things we should wear exactly but we could use them a a basis for our looks. Most of these pictures are from the Metropolitan Costume Institure Gala as it's a night where celebs dress wild and wear wonderful things.

1. Lust
Instead of going down the route that lust=red and passion, we've decided to make lust seem more deadly, giving it a dominatrix feel. These images are the kind of feel we want the look to have (maybe not the one of the leather lingerie...)

I really like the gothic feel of this dress and it's fabulously ott but looks great

OK so this is really just underwear but its leather and dominatrix-y. worn with leggings instead of stockings it would be less provocative but still have the look we are going for.

I like this look of the leggings and blazer. It's got shouilder pads, sequins, it's the kind of the thing we were going for just with better shoes...

2. Envy
Envy and jealousy are seen as green, hence the expression 'green with envy'. Our inspired look will be of course: green, also glamorous and sexy.

This is the famous dress from Atonement and it's very graceful and sophisticated. I love the rich green shade but I think our 'envy' should be vamped up a bit.

Some more green...

3. Greed/Glutony
We used Marie Antoinette as the basis for this as she was known for her extravagance and indulgence. We are going to base the look on her, whilst modernising it slightly.

Here's a picture of Kirstin Dunst in the 2006 film Marie Antoinette. I put this picture us to show ideas for the makeup (pale, rouge, red lips..) and the hair.

I think this dress is a modern day version of a marie antoinette/ french renaissance dress. If Ms. Antoinette were still alive today I believe she would have worn this dress.

This video for Girls Alouds 'Can't Speak French' shows the french renaissance inspired look, which looking at this wouldn't be too hard to copy.

4. Wrath
When thinking about rage and anger firey colours such as oranges and reds come to mind. Here's some inspiration I found we may use to inspire our costume for wrath

This dress is really beautiful. I really like the details of the corset. However I think it's too elegant and 'happy' looking.

I like how this dress it really structured and plastic-y.

This is a bit weird but I kind of like it. The crazy pattern and the hints of red and orange work well for our theme of rage.

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