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Friday, October 9, 2009

Group Meeting

So we had a group meeting today where we sat down to try to formalise some shot ideas, as we had all these wonderufl idas bouncing around but we need to put things down on paper. Once we had started brainstorming we just couldn't stop and ended up with loads of ideas which would all work.
Our main theme is different looks, using the 7 deadly sins as inspiration.

Here is our first brainstorm:

Our main 'looks' are:
Look 1: 80s, glam rock, sequins, glitter, shoulder pads, platforms.
Look 2: 60s, futuristic, angular body shapes, solid make-up.
Looks 3: American band outfits "here come the drums"
Look 4: Marie Antoinette, inspired by fim, big white hair, mole etc.

We had the idea as well that we could each be a deadly sin in the video.

the ones we came up with were:
Lust: dressed all in black, dominatrix, leather
Greed: Marie Antoinette style, jewels, pearls, strawberries
Envy: Dressed In green, green contacts
Wrath: Dressed all in reds and oranges (firey)
Pride: like a celbrity, flashing paparazzi, big sunglasses etc

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