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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Group Meeting

In our group meeting today, we discussed how to plan our music video further. We had previously thought about whether or not we are going to have a single artist or a group but didn't come to a final decision. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to decide on having one main character in the video who is the artist and the other characters her alter-egos or bad personalities. This also allows us to have some progression in the video, which we wouldn't have had if it was just loads of images of us dressed in different outfits.
I quickly jotted down a very brief and rough outline to the video:
  • Begin main character sitting with flowers or some sort of object that associates her with the man she is singing about looking sad
  • Her 'bad personalities' come out and she throws away this object
  • Performance of the 'bad personalities' shown almost corrupting her in a way (whispering in her ear, kind of seducing her)
  • Performing with mannequin of a mans torso, representing the man she is singing about, pushing it around, 'controlling it'
  • End on strong shot of main character in her normal outfit that she is wearing at the beginning but has the bold make up she has as her 'bad personality'

This is a very brief outline of the progression of the character. There will also be many other shots involving reference to the lyrics including:
  • 'Do I twist, do I fold' - shot of playing cards, possibly with a kiss on the King/Queen of hearts
  • 'Why don't you tell me my future' - shot with tarot cards, either looking at the cards or throwing them at the camera
  • 'Here come the drums, here come the drums' - us miming drumming, either in the band uniforms or just as our personalities (this shot isn't important anymore but was one of our favourites when we thought of the idea and so can still be put in there just for fun
  • 'You're kisses are cold' - a bad personality kissing the main character on the cheek
  • 'Sticking pins in a doll' - sticking pins in a voodoo doll, or on the mannequinn so that it is not literally just illustration of the lyrics

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