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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Practice Shoot of Looks

We all dressed up in some of our costumes to practice styling and facial expression, so that we are not at a loss on the actual day of the shoot. Here are the results:

1) Holly: 80's/disco
  • Blue sequin dress & fur jacket, purple lips.

In these pictures I was going for angular poses reflecting the time period, when shoulder pads and arm-focused dance was popular. My facial expression is pretty much the same in every picture: wide mouth and smiley. This very much helped me to visualise the performance part of the day, which is key in the video's success.

2) Amelia: 80's/disco
  • Pink sequin dress, snakeskin platform shoes, purple lipstick

Amelia, again, reflects 80's dance moves by using her arms and flicking her hair around. But she has played around with facial expression: seducing the camera by pouting towards it, looking the other way as if in mid dance, and playing with her hair.

3) Charlotte: the deadly sin "LUST".
  • Black play-suit, black heels, red lips.

Charlotte obviously had the lovely task of being more sexy and provocative, which is reflected in her poses. she has to seduce the camera by highlighting her mouth, hair, and making body shapes. We will use a more voueyeristic camera technique with her shots, so that she can tease the camera to follow her movements. This is a big task and will probably take some time to get used to for her, but she became more confident when shooting.
  • 80's/disco: Gold hotpants, snakeskin shoes.
We shot this brifly, but again gives an idea of dancing and mood.

4) Laura: the deadly sin "ENVY".
  • Dark green off-the-shoulder dress, dark lips, high heels.

Laura had to show her "envious" side by giving the camera dirty looks, and we used someones shoulder in half of a frame and her looking on in a bitchy way to show her character. I think this idea worked well because her character was clear.

  • 80's/disco: bodycon gold spandex dress, black boots.

In this photo Laura poses happily and it is clear that she's having fun and dancing. I think the "disco" theme is a good addition to the video because it allows everyone to get out of their set characters and just have fun, which will entice the audience.

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