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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shooting day details

here is a message sent via social networking site, facebook:

hey hey,

me and amelia just got back from harpenden, and realised we need to organise stuff.. we made a shooting schedule:

0800-0900 arrive, set up, get ready (hair and makeup)
0900-0945 amelia blue dress
0945-1030 holly blue dress
1030-1115 charlotte blue dress
1115-1200 laura blue dress
1200-1300 laura blue dress with 3 sins (Charlotte Amelia Holly)
1300-1330 LUNCH
1330-1430 holly sin
1430-1530 amelia sin
1530-1630 charlotte sin
1630-1730 laura sin
1730-1800 whatever we haven’t done!

we also begged billy for another day, so hopefully we'll get one..

so for tomorrow.

char - the song on CD + CD player
- your costume (black corset? blazer?)
- "hooker heels" for laura
- blue/purple dress
- accessories for sin
- some make up

Holly - your costume
- leather leggings
- Suzi (who has to bring makeup and accessories - fake eyelashes)
- accessories for your costume
- storyboard
- clipboard
- some makeup
- also, find out if you can get a lift back

Amelia - your costume
- hair straighteners + hairspray etc for maire atoinette
- makeup
- green dress for laura (needs ironing)
- ALL the equipment
- accessories

Laura - hair straighteners
- accessories
- shooting schedule
- whiteboard


- bring lunch as we don't want to waste time looking for food.
- try and raid your wardrobes for something to go with amelia's corset since neither her nor me have ANYTHING to go with it.
- get there a little before 8 as we want as much time as possible.

cool, ok.. oh and make sure suzi knows when and where to come.

Holborn Studios
49/50 Eagle Wharf Road
London N1 7ED

Tel: +44-20-7490-4099
Fax: +44-20-7253-8120

laura and amelia xxx

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