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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shot ideas

Here are some initial ideas for shots, but I think a lot of the shots will be decided on the day so that they are spontaneous. The main thing is the look - costume, hair, make-up.

  • Put your cards on the table baby” – shot of tarot cards on a table covered in fabrics
  • "Do I twist do I fold?” – poker table (green cloth) with poker chips and cards
  • “here come the drums, here come the drums” – all four of us appear in sequence in band costumes (long shot) and hit a snare drum in time to the music
  • “I’m coming undone” – hair unravelling, corset undoing (slo-mo)
  • "don’t say maybe maybe” – CU on lips, each girl says a different word
  • "feel your poison running through me baby” – canted angle of girls moving slowly, acting sort of drunk
  • "you play me like a puppet baby” – girls being held up by strings like puppets
  • "baby baby baby” – dance routine with girls, in time with music, fairly simple

These are just rough ideas, but it's a start..

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