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Monday, November 9, 2009

Band Name

We thought we should probably start collecting ideas together for our band name (i.e. come up with a name pronto!)

We thought seeing as Laura is our main girl, but we play such a key role in the video that instead of being a solo singer, or just a group, it would be a fun idea to be '[Someone] and the [Somethings]'

This is quite a retro thing to do, famous in the motown days, but has been revived recently with bands like 'Florence and the Machine'

In the 50s most single artists had a band that would be named in their act when they performed

Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three

Then in the 60s, Motowns hey-day, most groups were a main artist with their backing vocals.

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
Diana Ross and the Supremes
Gladis Knight and the Pips

Then in the 80s, other groups, had major success and featured this same name format

Kool & the Gang

Then in more recent times bands have adopted this format again to give a retro, and unique vibe to the band

Florence and the Machine

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