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Final Album Cover

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feedback From BLK

Mrs Blackborow dropped in today to have a look at our music video so far and gave us some useful feedback, this is what she said...

Good Points:
  • LOVE IT!
  • No "criticism"
  • Like the dip to whites
  • Love the split screens
  • Love the OTT colours
  • Love all the looks
  • Tight editing is looking good
  • Good lipsynching
  • Good distance contrasts
  • Rhythym editing fits well to song
  • Good unpredictable editing (half way through words)
  • Like flash of black and white
  • Love the colours
  • Like dip to white
  • Love slow motion
  • LOVE shoe bit
  • Use editing really well to construct video, creative tools and little details look good
Things to do:
  • More narrative at the beginning and end and make a prequel then use the lyrics
  • Try tone down the shiny skin
  • Fix the space above the heads in group shots
  • Use more flashes of black and white
  • Use non-additive dissolve and dither dissolve more
  • Use MAC transitions?
  • Break it up with shots like shoes

So, obviously Mrs Blackborow was very keen on our music video which has helped to boost our confidence and from now we are going to try and add in the transitions and sort out the bits we need to sort but hopefully everything should be finished and looking great by our deadline. YAY! :)

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