Final Music Video

Final Album Cover

Final Album Cover

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Evaluation work sharing

Char - Q1 website stuff (sheet), Q2

Amelia - Q3 questionnaire, Q1 music video stuff (goodwin sheet)

Laura - Q1 album cover stuff (sheet), Q2

Holly - Q1 music video (Vernallis sheet), Q4 tech stuff
• Sony HD DV camera + microphone
• Mini DV tapes
• Adobe Premiere Pro
• Photoshop
• Lights (PAG and tall ones)
Big lights made more glossy look
PAG got rid of shadows in bedroom scene

• HTML codes
• Internet (research)
• HD footage – can zoom in edit as is good quality
• – audience feedback

For photo – camera, tapes, premier pro, lights (studio and pag)

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