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Final Album Cover

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Monday, December 7, 2009


I asked a former media student, Mike, what he thought of our video. He said this:

"i think the fast paced editing went with the music and the set design was really good. the sync was v good too"

when i asked him if he had any criticisms, he said:

"i think the first time i watched it i didnt get the 'transformation' in all the girls but the second time i did"

I asked him if he could describe the narrative. he said:

"erm. like it shows the normal and wild side of these 4 girls. like i think its a profeminist thing with the mannequin, objectifying men and the voodoo thing controlling men"

I asked him what he thought of the two different settings. he said:
"i like the stark contrast between the white cold walls, whoch seem hrash compared with the much warmer bedroom. i think it works with the two different sides of the girls personality"

I asked him if he understood that the girls were part of me, and he said:
"yeah coz you were the only one to start with, and at the end".

That's really helpful I think.

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